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No Mice, No Meowsters! is a tabletop role-playing game which can be enjoyed by feline fans of any age.

When you play, you pretend to be a mischievous cat who loves messing with humans. You love hanging out with your cat friends, and causing delays for humans as they try to get things done. You might even find time to take a break from the chaos, and help another animal friend with a problem!

The game supports 2-7 players, and runs on the No Dice, No Masters system. The game doesn't need a Game Master to run the game, because everyone at the table can help control the world and story as you play!

If you play this game with your kids, it has a few long words to explain when you read it together, and bridges the gap between make-believe stories and gameplay without using dice or stats!

All the cat art is by WhatNames — check out their page and awesome game Cryptid (Mis) Communication here: https://whatnames.itch.io/

***As well as the game PDF below, there are also PNG files for the countdown clock, story sheet and map in case you want to use these on a virtual table top. If you want to use the story sheet and map on Google Slides, see here!***

Reviews, streams and more to come! 

  • "My son loves this game. He wants to play again and again... Great for practicing role playing, getting comfortable with TTRPG’s, or just having a fun time.  It was also very good at helping us practice collaboration, and I think could be a good team-building or family-bonding tool. It is purr-fect for our family, and I hope you enjoy it too!"  -  Steph CTTRPGKids
  • Check out We're Only Gonna Do This Once as they play... No Mice, No MeowstersA raven warned the cats to beware of the red truck — is it a fire truck? A Subaru? Cat-nappers? Let's find out!

(If you'd like to feature No Mice, No Meowsters! in your podcast, stream or site please feel free to — and you can always contact me at trousermousemail@gmail.com.)

Finally, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you print this game and your cat chews and/or sits on it, I'd love to see your cat in action.

If you play the game with your kids and they do any drawings, I'd love to see the drawings! 

Please drop me a line and picture on Twitter, or leave a comment below — you're more than welcome to post any reviews in the words of your kids!


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No Mice No Meowsters! v1.0.pdf 5 MB
Clock-0-Empty.png 57 kB
Clock-1.png 55 kB
Clock-2.png 52 kB
Clock-3.png 48 kB
Clock-4.png 46 kB
Clock-5.png 42 kB
Clock-6-Cat-Astrophe!.png 39 kB
No Mice No Meowsters! -Story-Sheet.png 412 kB
No Mice No Meowsters! - Starting-Location-Map_1.png 774 kB


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An incredibly fun and well thought out game based on the No Dice, No Masters roleplaying system, absolutely brimming with playbooks, options, inspiration and everything you could need to have all manner of feline fun!

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Played this game with my son (2.5 yo), and he loved it (review here)!  The mechanics were easy to understand, and he has a blast wrecking the cat-sitters house!  We let him color in the timer wheel, draw where he wanted to go on the map, and come up with ideas on his own.  This was a really good tool to introduce him to TTRPG's!


It’s clear from reading through this game that extensive research in the field went into developing the me-cat-nics.